Call Monitoring
AI Solution

for Contact Center Quality Management

This innovative and path-breaking AI Solution monitors contact center phone calls for call quality assurance and can check whether agents are following defined procedures.  


The Impact of Poor Customer Service

According to recent studies, poor customer service can cost global businesses trillions of dollars every year. An estimated $75 billion is said to be lost each year by U.S. businesses alone, all due to poor customer service.

Common Customer Service Problems:

Fraudulent Sales

Once they receive an invoice, customers complain that they were misled by the agent. This leads to cancellations and customer dissatisfaction.

Hefty Fines and Potential Lawsuits

Some industries such as debt recovery must follow very strict guidelines; failing to follow legal guidelines could lead to debtors filing lawsuits against the collections agency.

Dissatisfaction and Churn

Poor handling of the customer’s issue due to lack of knowledge or proper skills is a general issue that causes huge customer dissatisfaction which leads to loss of business.

Why is it important to rigorously monitor customer service phone calls?

In order to drive agent performance, call center managers need to understand the gaps in agent interactions with customers. A robust call center Quality Assurance process aids in performance management by identifying specific opportunities in behaviors and skill sets for each agent so that targeted coaching can occur. Call monitoring is a vital component of the quality assurance and training process, as it helps to identify specific gaps. It not only facilitates feedback for skill improvement purposes but identifies instances where agents may have committed fraud or may have misled customers into buying a product. 

The Challenge with Contact Center Call Monitoring

3.5 million call center agents in the US make
73 billion phone calls every year, and only
1% of all recorded phone calls get monitored.

The Sample Size Problem

Due to the sheer volume of phone calls made daily, using traditional methods of manual monitoring less than 1% of all recorded phone calls can be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes.  

Undoubtedly, less call monitoring means more errors, more misleading phone calls and other consequences. This is especially problematic when customer interactions are subject to regulatory compliance, because up to 99% of calls are a fine or a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The AI Solution

With the help of AI, we can monitor large volumes of phone call recordings to fill in the gap of over 95% of customer interactions that traditionally go unmonitored. Also, our AI solution eliminates human bias in the call evaluation process, leading to highly accurate and consistent call ratings.

How does it work?

Call Center QA programs utilize a team of QA specialists (or direct supervisors), to listen to customer calls and score each agent on an evaluation form that includes all the desired behaviors and skills that should be demonstrated during a customer interaction. While a lot of the desired behaviors are related to soft skills, a few of them are mandatory parameters related to compliance which have business or legal implications. It is this evaluation form, which is the basis for creating the AI tool, as it helps us create the AI Algorithm for the call Scoring Model.  

Once the AI Algorithm and the Scoring Model are created, the AI tool can listen to call recordings and segregate the calls into 2 categories - successful and failed.
All failed calls are checked by the supervisor who verifies and takes corrective action.
Feedback on soft skills is also generated for all calls (successful and failed) which is used for coaching and skill improvement of the agent.
Since ample amount of call monitoring data is provided by the AI tool, supervisors can now spend more time on calibration and coaching sessions. This leads to improved agent performance and lower failure rates.
Less workload in terms of listening to call recordings, leads to a smaller and more streamlined Quality Assurance team.


Successfully monitoring the bulk of your customer interactions has huge benefits. It gives the contact center visibility into what’s happening on the phones every day, allowing you to take corrective measures to ensure adherence to procedures and calling standards. This can drastically reduce failure rates while improving customer satisfaction. This in turn has a domino effect causing a reduction in costs and an increase in revenues and profits. 

Use Cases

The call center call quality assurance AI tool is specially designed for monitoring contact center phone calls for various verticals and businesses.

These include: 


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