A company is made of people and for it to grow and succeed, a healthy and growth oriented holistic environment is a must. We have a strong system of cooperation and open channels of communication that is in line with our company values.

We believe that an inquisitive spirit and passion drives success. Our core values are to encourage knowledge seeking behavior and nurture growth.



Our wide range of services and products opens up endless opportunities for employees to learn and explore new technology and business ideas. As an organization, Trellissoft is focused on keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology. Our experts are constantly churning out series of highly interactive and informative learning sessions on various topics open for all employees. The thirst for knowledge is actively encouraged at work, and new ideas and inputs are always appreciated.


Trellissoft not only gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills, but also helps you build your career based on your competencies and performance. Our team of talented and passionate professionals have the right fire in their belly that ensures that we succeed every step of the way. We are proud to say that as a company we invest the time in mentoring and providing the right growth platforms to everyone in the company. This not only leads to successful IT solutions, but also successful people.


All work and no play is no good for productivity. Our employees get energized by regular indoor and outdoor games that in turn boost productivity and quality of work. A culture that believes in providing opportunities, facilitating growth and rooted in trust, respect and support. Equality is one of our core beliefs and this in turn is one of the key points in a successful and healthy experience at Trellissoft. Our strong mentoring presence and support throughout is what leads to enriched and happy employees.


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