Blockchain has a significant impact on everything from AI to IoT and Metaverse to NFT. BaaS, or blockchain as a service, is a rapidly developing concept in the blockchain sector.

What does Trellissoft offer in Blockchain?
Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
Research & Development
Design (use case based)
Technology Compatibility Analysis
Proof of Concept Development
Blockchain Assistance
Technology Consultant
Development on Ethereum, Hyper Leader, Quorum
Integration Services
Testing Services
Implementation Consultancy
Internet of Things (IOT)
Blockchain Solutions
Private Blockchain (Ethereum, Hyper Leader, Quorum)
Smart Contract, APIs
Distributed Application (DAPPS)
Industry e-Sale Blockchain
Supply Chain
Auction and Bidding Application
Smart Parking

Top Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain

The objective is to enable Supply Chain Analytics – to help you identify known risks and predict future risks by spotting patterns and trends throughout the supply chain.  

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform gives visibility to all inventory – at rest at your facilities or supplier facilities, and in motion, throughout logistics service provider (LSP) networks.  

To do this, we utilize a suite of APIs that connect to your ERP/Accounting Platform and your network of LSPs. The system then applies data science algorithms to predict ETAs (estimated time of arrival) and calculate risk or disruption within your supply chain.


Build on Ethereum – Smart Contract, Wallet, Crypto-currency
Invoice Factoring
Ethereum Interface
Blockchain Based Fundraising Platform

Blockchain crowdfunding platforms are online platforms that utilize blockchain technology to facilitate fundraising for projects, businesses, or individuals. We custom built a decentralized platform which provides investors with a secure and transparent way to invest in a project.


ERC 1404 Security Token SmartContract on Polygon network
KYC for investors
Crypto transactions over Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polygon network accepting Bitcoin, Ether, Matic & USDC
SmartContract based reward and locking options
Metamask and WalletConnect for seamless wallet integrations (Scan QR code to make payments)
Blockchain Based NFT Solution
What? (Product Vision)

Platform to facilitate transformation of digital assets to NFT and to manage and transact within the marketplace ecosystem.
Why? (Business Strategy)

Leverage IP over the entire solution plugged within any enterprise ecosystem and generate revenue with on time onboarding and SaaS based offerings.
How? (Execution)

Build a custom blockchain NFT solution and platform supporting multichain operations such as Web3 authentication, token minting, marketplace, etc. using non-custodial wallet approach.
Blockchain Solution for Sales Distribution

Blockchain was leveraged when a client needed a customized solution for Sales Distribution.

Build on Ethereum – Smart Contract, Wallet, Crypto-currency
Private blockchain solution – sales channel partner to interact

Excess inventory exchange for international channel partners
Product catalog distribution
Exchange – sales orders, LC, invoices, shipping notifications
Quality certificate distribution using smart contracts
Blockchain Solution for Smart City

Trellissoft developed a technologically advanced “smart” parking system to successfully integrate the client’s mobility needs.

In addition to sensors, it uses vision systems to offer customers a structured solution aligned with the parking needs of the territory. Cameras used in the installation identify and communicate the status of the parking space (free or occupied) to the management software, in the same way as with sensors.

The system interprets the data and distributes it to all the stakeholders who take an active part in the property management. Stakeholders get easy access to required information on their mobile phones through the App. Users can check availability, book and pay for space, receive parking guidance, etc.


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